Mark M. Meyers

        CEO & CTO M3 Engineering, LLC

Mark Meyers has a background in Physics, Optics and Electrical Engineering.  He has worked in the research labs of 3 Fortune 500 companies and in 2 start ups on a wide variety of technical assignments. His innovative approach has led to being an inventor on 54 issued US patents,  as well as a number of WTO and Japanese patents.

During his time at Kodak, Mr. Meyers worked on the development of color laser printers, diffractive optics, optical design and digital image capture and optical systems architecture.  Mr. Meyers was appointed to the Kodak Research Council.  This council was a group of the top 50 technical professionals in the company. He also became a member of the Kodak Inventor’s Hall of Fame.  Some of the projects he worked on while at Kodak included building a high speed color laser printer, developing the production version of the Kodak APS compact zoom lens design utilizing molded glass and plastic aspheric lens elements, developing diffractive optics design and fabrication technology, as well as developing the concept and IP for a 1 mm thick digital camera.

At Lucent Technologies, Mr. Meyers was responsible for the development of wavelength locking optics and packaging for tunable WDM laser transmitters, and was the technical lead on the MEMs 3D optical cross connect which was demonstrated at OFC.  During this assignment, Mr. Meyers was responsible for developing the optical design, contracting with vendors to make the custom aspheric lens array which resulted in a 3 db reduction in OXC insertion loss, and developing the alignment procedure with the engineering team that automatically optimized the alignment and collimation of the fiber array and trained the control electronics to optimize the MEMs mirror alignment for all of the 4096 potential OXC switch configurations.  He was also responsible for taking the OXC through the Telecordia qualification process which insures the devices can withstand long periods at extreme conditions of temperature and humidity (85 0C to -40 0C, 0 – 90% RH) and will survive repeated cycling from one extreme to the other.

At GE Global Research, Mr. Meyers worked on Integrated Photonics, biomedical imaging, confocal microscopy, spectroscopy, laser machining, LCD displays, LED lighting, concentrated solar energy, adaptive optics, and additive manufacturing. Over the last 2 years he developed an integrated photonic based navigational beacon for aircraft navigation, concepts for photonic Lidar, advanced SLM additive manufacturing, and concepts for instrumentation for detecting CAR T cells which have been activated for cancer immunotherapy.  Mr. Meyers was a gold medal inventor at GE Global Research, after submitting over 20 invention disclosures during his time there.

Since leaving GE Global Research, Mr. Meyers has begun work as the founder and CEO of M3 Engineering, LLC., with the goal of providing engineering consulting services to technology companies which are active in the fields in which he has expertise.

  • Master of Science (MS) Optics                                                           University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
  • Master of Science (MS) Electrical Engineering               Rochester Institute of  Technology, Rochester, NY
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) Applied Physics                                                Purdue University, W.Lafayette, IN


Software Fluency

Optical Design CAD and Math Modeling Electrical & Imaging
Code V SolidWorks / AutoCAD Schematic Capture
Zemax Matlab PCB Layout
LightTools MathCAD SPICE
Rsoft & Lumerical for Photonics Microsoft Office / Project Image Pro Plus / ImageJ

Professional Development

  • Silicon Photonics Design, Fabrication and Data Analysis                             University of British Columbia
  • Integrated Circuits Processing                                         Rochester Institute of  Technology,   Rochester, NY
  • Advanced CMOS Devices & Processes                             Rochester Institute of  Technology,   Rochester, NY
  • Principles of Microlithography                                     Rochester Institute of  Technology,   Rochester, NY
  • Principles of Fiber Optics                                                                     University of Rochester,    Rochester, NY
  • Gold Medal Inventor at GE Global Research Center
  • Senior Member of SPIE (International Society of Optics and Photonics)
  • Member of Kodak Inventor’s Hall of Fame